A Blessing for Death

This week…
May you gather up everything that you cling to
     as if your life depends on it…

Your reputation, your energy,
     your creativity,
Your business skills, your beauty,
     your contrary nature.
Your fear and your skepticism
     and your greed.
Your story.
Your hurts.
Your hopes.
Your desires that have turned into
Those things you hide from others,
And those things you judge others by.

May you gather up these things –
     and everything
     that holds you back from being free…
Your caution that someone may do you wrong.
Your concern that you may get it wrong.
Your haunting fear that God may be wrong.
And in a defiant, courageous, child-like act,
May you fling them all aside –
And run to Jesus
And walk with Jesus to the Cross.
And die.
And then wait in death’s dark tomb.
Wait in death’s dark tomb.
Wait…for Resurrection to break in.

4 Replies to “A Blessing for Death”

  1. Indeed, Amen! There are so many parts of this that speak to me, but the "defiant, courageous, child-like act" really spoke to me; I was reading Mark 10 this morning where Jesus was upset with the disciples for trying to stop the children from coming to him; powerful and challenging!
    Thanks again Winn

  2. Thank you, all. This came out of our Palm Sunday gathering at All Souls. Jesus inviting us to death, so we can live.

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