Mighty Fortress

Wartburg Castle_A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

I’m told this is Wartburg Castle, the inspiration for Martin Luther’s A Mighty Fortress is Our God. That song gives me chills every time, almost enough to make me wish I were Lutheran. In college, my friend Karsten would belt out each line a cappella, and I’d sit mesmerized by his powerful voice but even more by the intrepid story this song proclaims.

This shot appeared on the #adventpicaday advent series a few of us have concocted on Instagram. One might not think the photo belongs in an Advent exercise. Mighty Fortress isn’t often thought of as an Advent tune, but it should be. They tell the same story, a tale of fierce love and bold rebellion against evil and darkness.

The baby came, a bulwark never failing.


2 Replies to “Mighty Fortress”

  1. I love that you used this – Brett has now made Wartburg castle one of our must-sees before we leave. A Mighty Fortress, indeed. If you get the hankering to see any of that beautiful scenery she has been posting, there is always a place of welcome for you and yours to stay here.

    1. ah, Brett’s his name – I left a comment for him. I didn’t what the photographer’s name was. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to come visit. It’s seem hard to make it happen, but I keep that on the radar.

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