Tell Me it Isn’t So…

A note for all my Clemson com padres:

Come on, people, hold it together! We’re not even gone for a week and this happens?!? I mean, you can still smell the fumes on 123 from our behemoth Penske truck – and the whole shebang is already falling apart???

Next, you’re going to tell me that Ancheauxs took the Black Jack off the menu. Or Clemson is canceling football season in favor of lacrosse. Or Stuart Hayes bought a new Bible and carries it under his arm instead of in the back of his pants.

This truly is a tragic day. If I were there, I would mourn with you. I mourn in spirit.

In lieu of a eulogy, I will simply and fondly remember my favorite Astro memory: watching Nacho Liebre in those incredibly uncomfortable red seats, trying to peel my feet from that sticky floor and enjoying Nathan Elmore’s deep belly laughter throughout.

Here’s to you, Astro.

2 Replies to “Tell Me it Isn’t So…”

  1. I called the stro on their last day and the message was so sad. In a few years, there won’t even be students who know what “the stro” is. I hope they sold out on their last night.

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