Word of Peace {3rd Monday of Advent}

matt beams

Tonight, Wyatt and Seth’s school has the annual Christmas program. Wyatt’s been singing lines from one of the choir tunes for months now, Peace I leave with you / Peace I give to you.

As we’re driving, he’ll look out the window, daydreaming. Then softly, from a boy off in his own world, we begin to hear the lyrics offered by that clear, tenor 9 year-old voice, singing as he watches the world whiz by. Singing and watching.

You’d think he went to Catholic school with these words of Jesus, sung as a prayer. Nope, just a normal school with every sort of person, people from every – and no – religion. But peace, the quiet hope of another way, another possibility, puts a word to the longings we all know. A word we can’t release, a word that won’t let us go, a word that takes shape in the most improbable places: a manager, a crucifixion and an empty tomb.

The songs we sing when our heart is free, when we’re daydreaming and feeling the world and the wonder around us – those songs are the truest songs. And in Advent, we are reminded that with God, one of those songs is peace. Peace I leave with you / Peace I give to you.


And here are images from yesterday’s #adventpicaday. We are seeing some amazing things. Thank you, each of you.

Trio / cathy monetti

Breaks Through / dave smith

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